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Is the iPhone 6 Better Than The iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 6 Review- How much has changed?

Now that the iPhone 6 has been released and reviews are sprouting up over the internet about the iPhone 6 functions and reliability, the question arising is are the iPhone 6 mobile phones much different to the iPhone 5?
Every time there is a new model released, you always hear someone quote ‘they are all practically the same’ well from my observation, Apple have made such a simple and perfected device to begin with so there Is only need to update and add new features to the original model. The simplicity of the iPhone is what has taken the world by storm and to change this would be disastrous. So when people make such comments if you’re looking for the latest iPhone, their probably just a tad bit jealous. ;-)
That being said, there are many updates and added features to the iPhone 6 which make it much worth the extra investment. The obvious changes are to the design, the iPhone 6 is mad much more sleeker and thinner, with a larger screen to enhance user experience but there is much more that sets the iPhone 6 apart from the rest. The comparison between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6 is stunning.

iPhone 6 New Specifications

The iPhone 6 is built for iOS 8 and with it is much faster compared to the iPhone 5, the battery has been upgraded to allow a whooping 250hrs standby time so you’re never caught short when you desperately need your phone. The resolution has been pushed up to a fab 750 x 1334pixel for your game requirements and the screen boasts a scratch resistant glass with Oleophobic coating. For all iPhone 6 specifications look at our iPhone 6 deals page.

Lets Skip To The Good Part

The iPhone 6 Storms Ahead With New Features

We could go on all day about the iPhone 6’s upgraded specifications but let’s skip that part and get straight to the exciting stuff! Here are some of the features that the iPhone 6 has integrated that the iPhone 5 is missing:

iphone 6 and 5 comparissonVideo Continuous autofocus
Picture-taking during video recording
Video sharing
Phase detection autofocus
Exposure compensation
Burst mode
Scratch-resistant glass
Video Continuous autofocus
Apple A8 Processor Chip
Storage up to 128GB (iPhone 5 64GB Max)
Slow-Mo Video capture
Apple Pay
Barometer Sensors to sense elevation
Accelerometer Sensor (measures acceleration or g-force)
These are just a few features that put the iPhone 6 above the rest in the market currently. For more information on iPhone 6 mobile deals click here.

iPhone 6 Gadgets and Gifts

Cool iPhone 6 Gadgets For The Whole Family

Find the latest iPhone 6 accessories available now to make your iPhone experience more exciting. As the iPhone 6 market is growing it encourages the gadgets to expand their market too. In this article I am going to introduce you to some of the new gadgets for the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Gifts for a busy Mum

iPhone 6 Gadgets-Philips-Inrange-Bluetooth-Leash-Wireless-Security
Philips InRange Bluetooth Leash Wireless Security 
  • Ideal gadget for iPhone 6, if you're a little forgetful with leaving your belongings behind. 
  • A small attachment that fixes to something that belongs to you for example, your purse. As soon as your valuables are left behind and looses connection with the app on your phone then you will be immediately alerted.
  • You can control what objects are turned on/off.
  • Small and thin to easily fit into your wallet.
  • InRange protective silicon pouch safely attaches to keys or bags.

iPhone 6 Gifts for A Athletic son/ brother

Annex Products Quad Lock Bike Kit
iPhone 6 Gadgets-Quad-Lock-Bike-Kit
  • Quad Lock bike kit from Annex products. The lock system is lightweight, strong and simple -
    a great gadget for iPhone 6. 
  • The Quad Lock features an iPhone 6 case too!
  • Rain resistant cover.
  • Navigate to your destination with Maps or track your speed and distance using apps such as Strava or Roadbike for example, without having to handle your phone whilst riding.

iPhone 6 Gifts for DIY Dad

OtterBox Defender iphone 6 case
iPhone 6 Gadgets-Otterbox Defender-Case
  • An iPhone 6 case that performs well in class impact resistance, screen and ToghID protection.
  • Contains a built in screen protector covering every inch of your 4.7" touchscreen. 
  • Customise your Otterbox Defender through a variety of colours to chose from.
  • Plug covers to protect ports from getting dirty or damaged. 
  • 3 layers of protection.
  • The latest iPhone 6 accessory includes a belt-clip holster to let the product be handy and provide a mini-stand for hands-free use.  

iphone 6 gifts for teenage sister

Olixar AquaFonik Bluetooth Shower Speaker
iPhone 6 Gadgets-Olixar-AquaFonik-Bluetooth-Shower-Speaker
  • Enjoy listening to music? Then this t is for you, the iPhone 6 new gadget lets you listen to music whilst in the shower through Bluetooth from your phone to the speaker. 
  • Allows you to receive/answer calls in the shower. The product contains a built in microphone.
  • Suction cup to attach to your shower tiles.
  • 6 hours music playback.
  • Incorporated playback controls.
  • Available in blue, green and pink.
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • Supplied with a USB cable for recharging the device.

iPhone 6 gadgets-BuQu-Battery-Case

iphone 6 gifts for super organised mum

BuQu Battery Case
  • BuQu iPhone 6 case features a 2,500mAh battery in a lightweight shell.
  • Contains an LED battery tracker on the back of the case, allowing you to monitor how much battery life you have left available. 
  • Available in November. 

Overall these 5 new iPhone 6 gadgets are all unique in their own way. Technology is growing everyday allowing new gadgets/ accessories to be introduced to make your experience more enjoyable. Firstly the 'Philips InRange Bluetooth Leash Wireless Security' is such a good idea as everyone has their moments of leaving something behind, it just secures you and saves you trouble of worrying later on.

Secondly the 'Quad Lock' is so ideal for commuters or anyone that enjoys cycling. This iPhone 6 gadget makes it easier for the cyclist by having your iPhone safely visible in a locked secure place whilst riding.

Then there's the 'OtterBox Defender' which is an excellent gadget to protect your phone. There are other simpler cases out there but the OtterBox Defender offers that little bit more. For example it protects all your iPhone plug covers to protect ports from getting dirty or damaged also contains 3 layers of protection. This iPhone 6 gadget is perfect for people in the building trade or industrial profession where dust and rough handling may be a worry for your iPhone 6. 

Lastly there's the 'Olixar Aquafonik Bluetooth Shower Speaker' and 'Buqu Battery Case'. The 'Olixar Aquafonik Bluetooth Shower' is a great idea for people who enjoy listening to music. The best part of it is that it works through Bluetooth so your iPhone can be kept in a safe place and not be near any water. To finish off is the 'Buqu Battery Case' which is available in November. Its perfect for people who are on the go or tend to be on their phone all the time (running out the battery life). Its a nice simple design and and has LED lights to show how much of the BuQu battery life you have left. Overall there are some great new iPhone 6 gadgets out there encouraging you to enjoy your experience a lot more.

Why you should buy the new iPhone 6

It seemed no sooner had the iPhone 5S and 5C arrived in stores that the rumour mill started to generate fresh talk about their successor. Now with many not-so-careful photographic leaks of the alleged prototype, some heavy hints about new features and an almost-certain release date pitching in somewhere in September 2014, it is reasonable for businesses to consider whether they should be among those eager beavers signing up to Apple’s new incarnation of its best-selling smartphone.

business apple iphone 6 dealsIf you are in business, either as a sole trader, a department head or CEO and you’re reviewing your workforce’s current smartphone stock, you will be interested to know that there are some very persuasive reasons why you should consider investing in the iPhone 6.

Seeing things bigger…

Compared to its competitors, the iPhone 5 series screen is disappointingly small, making it less user-friendly when you’re on the move and needing to engage in a Skype or FaceTime conference call or browsing your emails. It is therefore highly likely that the iPhone 6 will feature a larger screen, possibly in the region in 4.7 inches, putting it nearer, though not quite at, the Samsung Galaxy S5’s 5.1 inches. Any improvement is likely to be universally welcomed, as is an improvement in the screen resolution, which will certainly make the iPhone 6 a much more attractive proposition for the business user.

Sleek and Strong

As too many regular users of the iPhone 5 will testify, for a highly expensive piece of hardware it’s rather slippery – and a dropped phone, combined with the 5’s tendency to smash on impact, is hardly conducive to conducting those all-important business deals. A complete redesign for the new model looks likely, possibly with rounded edges and a thinner body than its predecessor, so it’ll be lighter in your pocket. Crucially the new display is rumoured to be manufactured from a highly durable sapphire glass which will mean cracks, scratches and breakages could well be a thing of the past: good news for anyone who relies on their smartphone on a day-to-day basis.

It's Not All on the Outside

The iPhone 6 is not simply a redesign of the 5 intended to draw in the crowds with its new, sleek image; it will also feature considerably better internal specifications, making it a far more indispensable piece of kit when you’re out on business. The powerful A7 processor from the previous model is likely to be upstaged by the even more powerful A8, resulting in faster processing time, which will become apparent when using multimedia applications such video calls.

A longer lasting battery, or greater capacity – or both – could help to ensure that leaving your charger in the office is not as big a deal as previously. Blue sky thinking could also present wireless charging for the ultimate in convenience, but it is perhaps a little too early to expect this as a dead cert. Faster Wi-Fi is a more likely contender which is sure to benefit anyone who relies on accessing the internet when travelling.
While you may think that much of this is supposition and guesswork, Apple’s previous way of thinking - not to mention the various leaks which have come out of the company’s China-based manufacturing facilities – suggest that these improvements are not likely to come as a surprise when it all goes official. However it looks, feels or behaves, it is certain that pre-ordering your iPhone 6 for your business is a prudent call, as the new incarnation of the smartphone will certainly offer improved capability and functionality that will benefit businesses of every size.

The NEW iPhone 6 Coming Out in September

If there's a smartphone release more highly anticipated than the iPhone 6, I don't know about it. From making waves from the beginning with the release of the first generation Iphone in 2007, Apple seem to have the monopoly on mass media coverage for new handsets.

business apple iphone 6 deals

The Apple Iphone 6 Hardware

One of the main additions to the new iPhone 6, is newer hardware. A hardware update has long been needed, and it is likely that more GPU cores are going to fill up some of the space available in the new handset. It will reportedly come with a larger die, and have a much more powerful application processor than its older brothers, which will be welcome news for any consumer who has had the phone shut off in the middle of app usage.

The Apple Iphone 6 Software

Software wise, IOS 8 has been about for developers to play with for a little while now. With the update for the beta version coming in at around 270mb (depending on what handset you are trying to install it on), and a few bug fixes to go through just yet, it may be better to wait until it is officially released this fall before you play around with it. With reports of a cleaner user interface, and a lot of improvements on IOS 7, it may just persuade those sitting on the fence over whether the complete overhaul evident in IOS 7 was a good marketing move, or just something that Apple forced upon its consumers without any forethought or market research.

APPLE IPHONE 6 New features

One of the things noticeable on the specifications, is the additions of 'ibooks PDF reader', which is a less than subtle attempt to take some of Amazon's market share from all of the people religiously using their Kindle app. It's the little nifty tricks like this that were completely missing from the 5s, which had buyers in uproar at the fact little or nothing had changed from the Iphone 5, so it looks like Apple have finally took note that people don't want to pay for a newer product that does basically the same.

Face detection is another little gem that has been included in the specification, although as of yet it is not 100% clear how this will work on the phone. It would be a great addition if only your face can unlock the keypad, as then only people who looked incredibly like you could steal your phone. Another thing in the specification that jumps out is TV out, which is great for those who keep everything on their Iphone rather than be outdated and use a laptop. With a dual core 2GHz processor, and 2GB worth of RAM, why would you?

The apple iphone 6 Design

According to rumours, the new, sleek, larger screened design will also move the power button from the top to the right edge, making it more accessible for your thumb. it's hard to tell until the release whether following this suit from Samsung will make the phone easier for us to use or just be pointless and incur an inevitable lawsuit from Samsung. Reports suggest that screen size wise, we could be looking at 2 models, 4.7in and 5.5in, which might give them a better chance of cornering some of the market of die hard Samsung Galaxy users who have got so used to their larger screens that giving them and Iphone makes them feel like they may as well be using a Nokia 3210.

More rumours for the Apple Iphone 6

Another rumour floating about regarding the screen, is that they will be manufactured in super hardy sapphire glass. Anyone who has had the misfortune of dropping their iPhone and having to pay a ridiculous excess even with insurance to repair it, will be welcoming this change, as not even a diamond can scratch pure sapphire. Even if it is not pure sapphire, and a hybrid, it will still offer a great deal more protection than screens on current models.

The oleo phobic coating which we saw come into play with the 3GS is still a feature, which is great for anyone who has had the misfortune of using older touchscreens (like the Samsung LG) which any tiny bit of dirt and grain embeds itself into easily.


Ergonomically, the iPhone 6 looks set to try and offer up some stiff competition to its rivals, who of late have made the Apple models look a bit bulky, to say the least. Although it seems disappointingly the rumours of the back Apple logo serving as a notification light are untrue, we can still expect a more pleasingly designed model.

With so much anticipation of the iPhone 6 until it's release, it will be hard to place anything down to fact until it's actually started being sold.

After all, we all know how much Apple love surprises.

What to do when your mobile phone gets wet?

Getting a phone wet can be a nightmare, but with the right steps and a bit of luck sometimes the situation can be salvaged. The quicker you act, the better your chances of saving your phone. Here’s what you need to do.

wet business smart phone

1 – Turn the phone off immediately If the phone is still switched on, turn it off straight away. If it has turned itself off, leave it off. Water coming into contact with an electrical current is pretty much guaranteed to damage, or even destroy, your phone.

2 – Give the phone a good shake This is simple but effective. Get rid of as much water as you can by shaking the phone. Keep shaking it until nothing more comes out, but remember to keep it switched off as it may well still be damp inside. 

3 – Clean and dry anywhere you reasonably can Now you can take the back off the phone and carefully clean and dry anywhere within easy reach i.e. accessible without tools. Depending on what you did to damage your phone you may only need to dry it rather than clean it. Whatever you do, avoid using anything which could leave fibres behind to damage the phone. You also want to avoid using anything which could generate static electricity, which is essentially as bad for phones (or any other electrical equipment) as water is. The very best choice is a pair of anti-static gloves, which are specifically designed to clean electrical equipment safely. If you can’t get a pair of these easily then cloths made from natural fibres are the best choice. Cotton is good and is easily available in most places. Never use artificial fibres such as nylon since they are notorious for causing static. Go round buttons carefully and go into the inside of ports. Be gentle and careful. 

dry a business phone with rice

4 – Leave the phone to dry properly Water is insidious stuff. Everything you’ve done so far will have gone a long way to removing surface water but you need to ensure all moisture is thoroughly removed from the phone before you turn it back on. To do this, wrap the phone in a cloth and pop it into a bag of uncooked rice. Put this into a warm place (such as an airing cupboard) for at least 24 hours. If, after 24 hours, you find traces of dampness on the cloth or the rice, change both and leave the phone to keep drying. Only take it out once the whole of the contents of the bag is completely dry. 

5 – Bonus tip A good-quality case will improve the chances of your phone surviving an unexpected bath, but even then there are no guarantees so it’s best to keep all your precious data backed up. If your phone is really important to you (or particularly expensive), then think about getting it insured. Some household policies cover phones, but they may require them to be registered first. Alternatively there are specialist insurers for mobile phones and other portable electronics.

New Business Mobile Phones Coming Out This 2014-2015

Smartphones for the business environments are typically a notch higher than the devices that are churned out for mass consumption. They are definitely hi-tech, loaded with a myriad of top-end security, usability, connectivity and productivity features, and in select cases, so competitively priced that it makes it quite confusing for shoppers to choose the right product. Let’s take a closer look at some of the new business phones due for release over the next 12 months.

iPhone 6

This new iPhone, to be driven by iOS 8, is expected to be available for the public sometime this September, priced on the expensive side as usual. Going by rumours, consumers may be in for a product with a bigger screen, Retina+ IGZO display, an unbreakable display panel, an anti-smudge and self-healing screen coating, fingerprint technology, NFC, health monitors, a 13 MP camera, wireless charging facility, and possibly a pixel-tripling display offering a resolution of 1704 x 960, although the wishlist includes a QHD resolution (2560 x 1600). The unit possibly will be powered by an A8 or an updated A7 quad-core processor, along with 1 GB RAM.

Android Phones

Among Android phones that have hit the markets this year, the following are worth noting:

HTC One M8

Striking design, 5” display, dual high-end rear cameras, 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB storage space, NFC and a range of connectivity options has made the M8, running on Android KitKat, the best phone of the year till date.

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 with a 2.5 GHz quad-core CPU, 2 GB of RAM, 16/ 32 GB of memory (expandable up to 128 GB via microSD), a 2800 mAh (removable) battery, 5.1” display, biometrics capabilities, 16 MP camera, seamless integration with Samsung Gear 2, etc. promises a great mobile experience. An upgraded option of S5 Prime and a budget version of S5 Mini are also in the offing.

samasung galaxy s5 new business phone


LG G3 with a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution on a 5.5” display panel, 2.5 GHz quad-core 801 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 3 GB RAM, 13 MP rear camera and a 2.1 MP front snapper is expected to make the choice challenging.

Windows Phones

Nokia is right back into competition after having teamed up with Microsoft, churning out budget and high-end Lumia models

Nokia Lumia 630/635

These budget models look to pack in the standard set of features running on Windows Phone 8.1, apart from sporting a 4.5” display, 5 MP rear camera, and a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset. The 630 supports dual SIM and operates on 3G network, while the 635 is on 4G LTE.

Nokia Lumia 930

The Lumia 930 is as best Windows phones can get for now. An impressive 5” display, powered by Windows Phone 8.1 on 2.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and 2 GB RAM, latest versions of Microsoft software, live tiles across multiple devices, 7 GB of free cloud storage, HERE maps for smooth navigation, and a 20 MP PureView camera supported by 4 high-end microphones, make this model something to look forward to.

Blackberry Phones

Blackberry has since bounced back from oblivion with its recent releases, such as Q10 and Z10. The latest model due for release is the Q20.

BlackBerry Q20

Recently renamed as BlackBerry Classic, this phone on BlackBerry 10 and slated for release in November 2014, sports the signature QWERTY keyboard, the standard keys for menu, back, end and send functions and a trackpad, which has been a hit with Blackberry users. A 3.5-inch touchscreen with enhanced web browsing and multimedia capabilities is a valuable addition. It is rumoured that this model may be exclusive for regulated use in medicine, law and defense sectors.

The Best Mobile Phone Apps for Business Mobiles

In business, in order to thrive, it is essential that you perform at the peak of your capabilities every single day. This is no simple task and so it is helpful to have every little productive and competitive advantage available going for you, no matter how small. Since, as business people, we tend to have our mobile phones with us during every waking hour, it only makes sense that we should install the most helpful and productivity enhancing apps available on the market today, to make our lives go more smoothly and successfully. Here is a selection of the best apps available on the market today for business mobiles.

Wunderlist business mobile phone app (available on iPhone and Android)

wunderlist business phone app

This beautifully designed app makes creating and managing business to-do lists considerably easier than practically any other app on the market. One of its biggest strong points is how it seamlessly integrates with any device and platform, allowing for you to pick up from exactly where you left on when you go onto your tablet or computer.

PayPal business mobile phone app (available on iPhone and Android)

paypal business phone app

The entire world of business revolves around money; therefore, installing an app such as the PayPal one is a tremendous productivity booster when carrying out business on the go. It allows you to quickly check on your PayPal finances, transfer and receive money, pay in many shops using the app alone and monitor your spending activity.

Evernote business mobile phone app (available on iPhone and Android)

evernote business phone app

Running a business involves constantly writing down plans, logging information about clients and recording data. The Evernote App provides a tremendous platform for keeping these streams of information and data securely stored and sensibly organised.

Day One business mobile phone app (available on iPhone only)

day one business phone app

When faced with the oftentimes colossal task of running a business, it is very easy to end up moving into a reactive mode where you're constantly responding to new problems and developments instead of proactively moving forward. The Day One app provides an excellent distraction free environment for writing done your thoughts on how to steer your business in the direction you want it to.

Google Calendar business mobile phone app (available on iPhone and Android)

day one business phone app

If you want to be successful, then you simply can not afford to miss appointments or forget important events. Google calendar seamlessly integrates with Gmail and is the perfect app for organising and keeping track of your schedule. Summary

By installing the apps listed above, you will quickly find the business you carry out on your phone is both more productive and enjoyable. While not an exhaustive list, these 5 apps provide a solid core for turning any business mobile from a distraction into a powerful business helper.

Business Mobile Phone Of The Year - The HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 is a perfect business mobile phone but is also great for personal use too. Keep up to date with the smart news feed on the interface, and choose your favourite business apps to appear. Streamed emails make ease for contacting clients and business personnel. With thousands of business mobile apps to choose from, these android apps will have you prepared for anything. The HTC One M8 is a awesome all rounder which is smart but simple.

business mobile htc one m8

HTC Introduce BoomSound Speakers.

HTC have upped the game and taken smart phones to the next level with their newest model, the HTC One M8. HTC have taken the M7 and upgraded many functions including sound quality with their 2 new BoomSound speakers situated on the front of the phone, delivering clear, balanced and powerful sound.

Design To Please Your Hands and Eyes

The sleek new contemporary design is crafted from a single aluminium block, and rounded to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand for a comfortable hold. The 5 inch Full HD screen delivers amazing quality and a crisp picture. With everything that HTC have improved, they haven’t held back on any element and picture quality is definitely not compromised!

Snapshot Precision

Like every new model, HTC have worked on improving the camera and they have truly worked hard at this one! Not only have they added another camera to the back, they have also tweaked the front camera, improving it to a fantastic wide-angle, five megapixel camera for all of your #selfiemoments in highquality. No more catching the top of your head whilst trying to use the ‘better’ back facing camera and missing the moment. With the HTC One M8 your front facing camera will be there to catch every selfie at your time of need. The addition of the second rear facing camera means all photos are multi-layered and opening up opportunities to allow more amazing effects. When you team this up with HTC’s UltraPixel technology, you have all of the tools for your artwork of memories.

It is not surprising that HTC is Phone of the Year so far with the new HTC One M8, and well deserved indeed, the effort truly shows in the final product.

Business Mobile Phone Specifications

Performancehtc one m8 business mobile phone

  • Talk Time : Up to 1200 min (3G)
  • Standby: Up to 496 hrs (3G) 
  • Crafted aluminium contemporary design
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, 2.3Ghz quad-core processor
  • Internal Storage: Up to 16 GB
  • External Storage: Up to 128 GB

Size and Weight

  • Height: 146.36mm
  • Width: 70.6mm
  • Depth: 9.35mm
  • Weight: 160g
  • 5 Inch Full HD 1080p Screen


  • 2 Rear Facing Cameras with duo camera functionality
  • UltraPixel technology
  • Front Facing 5mp Camera
  • BSI Sensor
  • Wide angle lens wit5h HDR compatibility


  • 4G – LTE 800/900/1800/2600
  • MHz
  • 3G
  • Wi-Fi
  • Internal GPS + Antenna
  • GLONASS Digital Compass
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX

The Top Ten Business Mobile Phones

With this in no particular order we have gone through the latest business mobile phones, giving you a real insight into the best phone for your business from the full feature phones to the most cost effective business mobile phones.

The Samsung S5

The successor of the great Samsung S4 the S5 comes and with improves it in every single aspect. The aspect maybe small but it helps make the phone more efficient.

The specs of phone are 2.5 GHz quad-core processor, 16-megapixel with built Samsung sensor the by default shows live HDR which benefits any Photographers greatly.

The one instructing feature of this is that phone comes in with a built in hear rate monitor which allows to get a reading on your heart.

the samsung s5 business mobile

The Pros and the cons

  • Fantastic screen
  • Versatile , high-quality camera
  • Excellent battery life
  • Finicky fingerprint sensor
  • Not the best looking phone in 2014

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The Samsung S4

The Samsung S4 is worthy successor to the Samsung S3 having improved in many aspect such as bigger screen size without adding any extra bulk or increased form factor.

Has 1.9 Ghz quad core processor and a 13 mega-pixel camera. May not be fastest phone in the market it still it still have a great amount of power can play games and quite easily stream videos online.

the samsung s4 business mobile

The Pros and the cons

  • High quality 5 inch full HD Screen
  • Vast array of features
  • Powerful quad core
  • Plastic design
  • Limited storage space.
  • A bit expensive

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The Sony Xperia Z1

First generation of the Xperia Z mark series it claims to be one of tightest phone to prevent dust, trouser fluff and even claims to be water proof this is all true.

The spec of the phone are 2.2 GHz Quad-core processor, 1080p display, 13 megapixel camera and 2GB of RAM.

the The sony xperia business mobile

The Pros and the cons

  • Good battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Lots of Sony bloat ware
  • Poor indoor photos

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Sony Xperia Z2

The Second generation of Xperia Z mark series comes the Z2 and has improve even further on protection side such dust and water proofing and has improved on the already good screen and more compact chassis.

The spec of the phone has 2.3 GHz quad core processor. 3GB of ram, 16GB internal storage and a 20.7 mega pixel camera.

the sony xperia z2 business mobile

The Pros and the cons

  • Great Screen quality,
  • Great amount of features for the camera,
  • Decent battery life
  • Can be sluggish
  • Heavy design
  • Issues with recording in 4K

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HTC Desire 300

The HTC Desire range is aimed at the lower end market of the mobile industry which makes it a cheap phone this isn’t a powerhouse like the other phone but it built to be cheap for those on budget.

The spec of phone are dual core 1GHz Processor with 512MB Ram with a 4.3 inch screen and 480x800 resolution.

the samsung htc 300 business mobile

The Pros and the cons

  • Decent build quality,
  • Expandable memory,
  • Low price
  • Slow processor
  • Screen isn’t HD
  • No 4G


HTC 8S is aimed midrange phone market and is one of cheapest middle market phones in the industry with its appealing quirky design and comfortable back.

The specs of the 8S is a dual core 1.0 GHz this may seem weak, but the CPU has been optimized very well on this on device .The other spec are 512MB RAM , 480x800 resolution screen and 5 megapixel camera that can record 720p at 30fps(frame per second).

the HTC8s business mobile

The Pros and the cons

  • Appealing quirky design
  • Comfortable curve back
  • Expandable storage via micro SD slot
  • Speedy dual-core processor
  • Fairly low screen resolution
  • Strong Contrast
  • Only 5 mega pixel camera

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Nokia Lumia 1520

The Nokia Lumia 1520 it is claiming to be one of the most powerful mobile phones in the high market.

The phones spec are 6-inch 1920x1080 resolution screen. 2.2 GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM and 32GB internal memory.

the Nokia lumia 1520 business mobile

The Pros and the cons

  • Bright and very sensitive screen
  • Very good picture quality
  • Very fast and accessible user phone
  • A wide use of features.
  • Heavy and cumbersome to use
  • Slow camera
  • Poor use of panorama feature

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Nokia Lumia 820

The Nokia Lumia 820 is another middle market phone in this list. It is aimed for user with more affordable budget in their income.

The Phone spec are 1.5 GHz dual processor, 1GB RAM, 8 GB memory (which is expandable if need the space).Has 4.3-inch with 480x800 screen resolution and a 8 Megapixel Camera.

the Nokia lumia 820 business mobile

The Pros and the cons

  • Fast performance
  • Colourful
  • Oversaturated, low–res screen
  • Slight unpredictable camera performance

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LG E900 Optimus 7

LG E900 Optimus 7 is using a window 7 operating system .Aimed for low-mid end mobile market. But has great value for it does.

The Phones specs is a 1.0 Ghz processor, 3.8 inch with 480x800 screen resolution.16 GB storage space and 5-mega pixel camera resolution .

the nokia lg optimus 7 business mobile

The Pros and the cons

  • Study metal casing
  • Good value
  • Button feel cheap
  • Has odd aesthetic look

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Motorola Defy

The Motorola Defy gets the reward of being the lightest phone on our list and is aimed for low-middle market.

The Phones specs are 800 MHz, 512MB RAM, 2GB internal storage, 3.7 inch screen size and 480x854 screen resolution and 5 megapixel camera.

the motorola defy  business mobile

The Pros and the cons

  • Waterproof
  • Great web browser
  • Decent battery life
  • Button feel cheap
  • Has odd aesthetic look

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Galaxy 5 coming soon

Galaxy 5s Core Components

Samsung has blessed its Galaxy S5 with top of the range specs. There's the 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 chipset for a start, a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera (up from 13 megapixels), and a 2-megapixel sensor on the front.

A 2,800mAh battery may not be the largest in all of smart phone world but its a little improvement to its brother the Galaxy S4's which has a 2,600mAh. The new phone is a bit bigger, too. Samsung says that its Ultra Power Saving Mode will double battery life when you're running low. It also promises 21 hours of talk time and over 16 days of standby time on a single charge.

The Mobile phones Design: Pretty much the same

When Samsung where designing the Galaxy S5, Samsung didn't go very far for inspiration keeping the look and feel very sdimilar just with a crispier look . It has curved edges, the same steep sides with shiny and ridged silvery trim, and a slightly more rounded central home button shape to the S4's more rectangular outline.

The Memory

There are 16GB and 32GB storage options, with an SD card that supports up to 128GB. Other incidentals include 2GB RAM, NFC, Wi-Fi, USB 3, Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy, and support for the fifth-generation Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard for faster Wi-Fi delivery. The Samsung says that its Galaxy S5 will combine Wi-Fi and LTE to download items even faster, theoretically up to 600-650Mbps. (They're calling this marvel Download Booster.)

Fingerprint and heart rate scanners

Following in the footsteps of Apple, HTC, and Motorola (the way distant footsteps), the Samsung Galaxy S5 has its own fingerprint scanner for unlocking privileges and mobile payments.

The scanner integrates into the screen above the home button, so that you swipe your finger down half over the bottom portion of the display and home button. You can add profiles for three fingerprints, and you get a backup password in case the identification fails. The fingerprint reader scans your finger eight times before crystallizing your profile.

Fitness fiends get a friend in the heart-rate monitor that's part and parcel with the camera flash. You hold your finger over it to take your pulse; the area glows red when activated when you launch it from the S Health 3.0 app. As a reminder, S Health also gives you a pedometer, fitness coach, and exercise tracker.

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