Business Broadband

Our Broadband (DLS) Products

Wildfires Broadband products are grouped by intention of use, making it clear and easy to understand the differences between the services available.


Wildfire Classic Broadband packages for your standard everyday home or office use.


Wildfire Assured Broadband have guaranteed upstream bandwidth options to ensure business continuity for data & VoIP users.


Wildfire Broadband for Voice is specifically designed to give you the best qualify broadband for making Voice calls using the internet, with a range of service options to choose from.

The classic broadband services are designed for predominantly data only use. Although the classic Wildfire ADSL Max can be used for occasional VoIP traffic, however there are specific Sprint products intended to be used for multiple voice calls with the assurance of guaranteed bandwidth on your Broadband services, whether you need this for voice and data or data only.

The matrix’s on the following pages details the portfolio of services to help you make an informed decision on the product that meets your needs.

What we can offer as part of our DSL service

  • DSL Services including ADSL, EFM and FTTC
  • Ethernet Services – Leased lines
  • Managed or unmanaged circuits
  • On-site installation and support from Sprint technicians
  • You have a direct customer service and billing point
Whether you are looking for ADSL, EFM or FTTC solutions simply contact us and we can provide you with a complete working solution